Electro-Mechanical Enclosure Assembly in Albuquerque, New Mexico

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. can simplify the production of your custom circuit board by handling more than just circuit board assembly. You can rely on us for complete product assembly, including electro-mechanical enclosure.

Circuit Board Housing and Enclosure Assembly Services

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. has a team of experienced assemblers. Their capable hands allow us to offer manual assembly of CCAs into standard or custom enclosures.

Our electro-mechanical assembly capabilities include setting, soldering and/or applying adhesive to keep the CCA in place inside the housing and enclosure.

Why Choose MPC for Circuit Board Peripheral Assembly?

MPC offers the ability to complete assembly of your custom circuit board—CCA, cables, wires, harnesses and enclosure box—with one purchase order. By relying on one assembler for the entire project, you get the benefits of:

In short, you get maximum cost and time efficiency.

More Custom Circuit Board Production Solutions

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. can best serve you when you involve us early in your custom circuit board project. Our full range of services include:

We are an ITAR-registered, ISO-certified and IPC-compliant firm, so we can ensure the quality of our processes and products meet your needs.

To discuss or submit your full RFQ package, please contact us. Quotes may be available in as little as one business day depending on the complexity of your project.

Call MPC Design Technologies, Inc. for assembly of your custom circuit board electro-mechanical enclosure. Call us at 505-227-8905.

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