Custom Circuit Board Production Solutions

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico has the expertise and capabilities that can spare you wasted time and money on circuit board designs that do not translate from concept to production.

Is Your Circuit Board Manufacturable?

It is not uncommon to design a custom circuit board that looks good on paper but cannot be put into production. Unfortunately, you pay for the design work regardless of manufacturability, and that could cost your company hundreds of hours at the cost of several hundred thousand dollars. The sooner you identify a possible production issue, the better. MPC Design Technologies, Inc. can help.

The experienced design team at MPC can review your design for manufacturability issues. In the event we find manufacturability challenges, we provide more than feasible design solutions—we provide the expertise required to identify the most cost-effective and time-efficient solutions so that your custom circuit board can be put into production ASAP.

How We Ensure Manufacturability

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. can help you identify and execute custom circuit board production solutions because:

    We have expertise across the entire circuit board production process
    At MPC, our expertise spans more than just the conceptual aspect of circuit board development. We have 30 years of industry experience in design, fabrication management and assembly. We can identify incompatibilities between conceptual specifications and real-world materials, spatial parameters, chemical and electric properties, etc.

    We have the right software and systems configurations
    MPC uses design technologies that embed information about system components into the PCB layout. Layering data in this way allows us to avoid design-to-production incompatibilities. Because our designers also program our automated production systems, we also save time and ensure higher quality off the line when the PWB is ready for assembly.

MPC can help you ensure manufacturability by either reviewing your own design or generating a custom design for you.

Cost-Effective Production Solutions

When your custom circuit board is ready to move from concept to real-world product, MPC Design Technologies, Inc. provides all the solutions you need for best cost efficiency and product quality. Our production solutions include:

  • Design
  • Fabrication management
  • Assembly
  • Materials management

We ensure the quality of all circuit board production services through strict compliance with ITAR and ISO regulations and IPC standards.

To explore production solutions for your custom circuit board project, please contact us to discuss or submit your RFQ package.

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. provides cost-effective circuit board production solutions. Call us at 505-227-8905.

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