Unwavering Quality Standards

At MPC Design Technologies, Inc. in New Mexico, the quality of our work is the product of both our unmatched experience and our adherence to IPC-A-610. We invest in training and certifying our assembly team—operators and inspectors—because that’s what offering the best service to our customers requires.

The Quality Standards We Adhere To

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. is an IPC member in good standing, in part because we maintain strict adherence to IPC-A-610: Acceptability of Electronics Assemblies, which defines and illustrates acceptable and defective conditions in circuit card assemblies. Here’s how we do it:

  • We provide initial training on quality standards for new assembly team hires at our New Mexico facility
  • We provide training for our assembly team when IPC standards are revised or updated
  • We test/(re)certify each member of the assembly team on a biennial basis

Every circuit card assembly that leaves MPC also meets IPC J-standards for workmanship.

Why You Should Accept Nothing Less than Our Quality Standard

Our adherence to quality standards has real benefits for you—cost savings. Because we ensure the highest quality assembly services, you enjoy:

  • Higher product success rate
  • Reduced or eliminated cost associated with CCA rework

When you choose MPC Design Technologies, Inc. for your assembly services, you also enjoy a firm, fixed price and a project that meets your completion deadlines.

Contact us to get a quote for your custom circuit board assembly. You may also inquire about procurement services that can further increase your cost savings.

Call MPC Design Technologies, Inc. for IPC quality standard-compliant custom circuit card assembly services in New Mexico.