PCB Prototyping in New Mexico

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. provides more than schematic capture of your PCB layout. When you’re ready to make your design into a material reality, you can count on us for rapid prototyping service.

Why Rely on MPC’s Prototype Resources

When you choose MPC Design Technologies, Inc. for your custom circuit board design, there is no obligation to use our prototyping services. However, making us your one-stop PCB vendor affords you a number of benefits, including:

Quality assuranceMPC is ITAR-registered and ISO 9001-certified. In order to acquire and maintain these credentials, we have carefully vetted our fabrication partners and invested in the continuing education of our in-house assemblers. That relieves you of the burden of researching, vetting and overseeing the production process to ensure top quality of the prototype or final product.

Maximum project efficiency

When you rely on one partner to move your PCB project from design to prototype to full production, you minimize time lost in coordinating timelines…and time is money. And, because MPC partners with a number of reliable fabrication houses in the New Mexico area that have no production minimums, we can reduce costs associated with shipping from an out-of-state manufacturing facility and production of unnecessary prototypes.

You can realize the full extent of these benefits when you choose MPC for procurement, too.

Rapid Prototyping in New Mexico

At MPC Design Technologies, Inc., we understand that time is often crucial to maximize profit potential. To minimize time between concept testing and full production, we offer rapid prototyping service. Depending on the complexity of your design, we can deliver a prototype in as little as 18 days, and nearly any design can be completed in six weeks.

We can provide a more accurate timeline once we generate or view your approved design. Contact us to get a cost and time estimate for your PCB prototype.

Call MPC Design Technologies, Inc. for rapid PCB prototyping in New Mexico.