Custom Circuit Board Assembly Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

You can rely on MPC Design Technologies, Inc. for more than custom circuit board design. We can deliver your complete product with cost-effective, quality-assured assembly services.

Quality-Assured Custom Circuit Board Assembly

Because you have already invested heavily in the design of your custom circuit board, you want to make sure that the final product delivers the performance you expect. Performance is determined by the quality of the components used and the workmanship applied during assembly. MPC ensures the highest quality of both materials and labor.

MPC adheres to IPC J-standards for workmanship. We annually re-test and re-certify our team of assemblers and inspectors, which boasts more than 100 years of combined experience!

How You Benefit from Our Custom Assembly Services

When you outsource circuit board assembly to MPC Design Technologies, Inc. you benefit financially. MPC saves you money by:

  • Offering a firm, fixed price for assembly services that reflects a lower labor burden than an in-house assembly department
  • Sparing you the expense of clocked time spent inserting the wrong or counterfeit components because we inspect and verify kits before assembly begins
  • Providing quality-assured assembly services that result in virtually 100% functional boards

MPC may save you even more when you rely on us for supply chain management. Because we have relationships with reputable American suppliers, we can often procure components at better unit prices and without the hassle of vetting your own suppliers.

Additional Custom Circuit Board Production Services

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. is the only one-stop shop for complete custom circuit board production in the Southwest. Our Albuquerque-based facility offers:

We have relationships with a number of reputable fabrication houses, so we also offer rapid prototyping, circuit board fabrication and mechanical fabrication.

To get a quote for custom circuit board assembly, please contact us.

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