Circuit Board Design for Cost-Effective Production

Schematic capture of your custom circuit board is the first step toward moving your concept closer to reality. But your design needs to account for all the factors that affect real-world feasibility.

When you choose MPC Design Technologies, Inc. in New Mexico for your circuit board design, it will. Our design team possesses the knowledge, experience and tools needed to create a circuit board that can be successfully translated from digital rendering to live production.

How We Deliver Production-Ready Circuit Board Designs

Much of what it takes to generate a circuit board design that will actually work is a product of experience—knowing what and how to account for factors, like:

  • EMI
  • Aspect ratios
  • Heat sinks

And if you want a PCB that works and can be cost-effectively produced, you need to account for additional factors, such as materials used and configurations that will result in more or less material consumption and/or skilled assembly.

MPC’s design team has what it takes to deliver a functional, cost-effective PCB layout because we have:

    • Unmatched circuit board design experience—more than 75 years of combined experience in the aerospace and electronics industries
    • Intelligent circuit board design—schematics with embedded component footprint data for simpler automated assembly programming
  • Streamlined circuit board design process—a systematic approach to move your concept from schematic capture to prototype to full production

MPC provides circuit board design services at a firm, fixed price, allowing you to manage your project budget.

Any Circuit Board Specification Designed for Manufacturability

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. can optimize every circuit board design for cost-effective production:

  • Simple and complex designs
  • Single-sided/double-sided/multiple-layer
  • Rigid/Rigid-Flex/Flexible technologies
  • Through-hole, surface mount and mixed components
  • High density/Fine pitch
  • Digital to RF
  • EMI protection
  • High-speed signal design
  • High current/voltage designs
  • Controlled impedance

You can also rely on MPC for cost-effective production solutions, including partial or full procurement, managed fabrication and assembly. Contact us to discuss your needs and allow us to generate a custom quote.

Call New Mexico’s PCB design experts—MPC Design Technologies, Inc.—for circuit board designs engineered to maximize cost-effective production.