Consignment Procurement Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. provides the services you need to streamline your custom circuit board production project. For clients who already have parts and/or established relationships with suppliers, we offer consignment services to take care of materials management upon parts delivery.

Our Consignment Service Capabilities

For consignment service, clients provide all the parts required for complete production, including bare printed circuit boards (PWBs). We do the rest, including:

To complete your custom circuit boards, we will require Gerber Data files with complete BOM (for parts audit and kit verification) and fabrication and assembly drawings in DXF or PDF format.

Consignment Overages

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. recommends the following overages for consigned materials:

  • Passive devices: 10%
  • Low-cost active devices: 5%
  • High-cost devices: 1 extra

We may have many common passive devices in-stock at our Albuquerque, NM facility. Please contact us for quotes for materials/overages from our inventory.

Why Choose MPC for Consignment Service

Even when MPC Design Technologies, Inc. does not procure materials for you, we can still spare you significant hassle and unnecessary expense. Upon receipt of your materials, we complete an audit against your BOM and verify the accuracy of kits. And this is more than just a paper-check. Our inspectors are Pro-STD-001-certified.

Once your materials are ready, our experienced assembly team goes to work. Our assemblers are (re)certified biannually for IPC J-standard adherence, so you are assured that our final product meets industry standards.

Find out if consignment is the best procurement solution for your custom circuit board project. Contact us to discuss your materials management needs.

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. offers consignment service to ensure quality and accuracy of parts procurement handled outside our doors. Call us at 505-227-8905.

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