Electronics Hardware Fabrication Management in New Mexico

If MPC Design Technologies can design it, then we can also manage the fabrication of it. Our fabrication management services encompass PCB fabrication and electro-mechanical peripheral fabrication.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Fabrication Management

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. does not fabricate any electronics hardware at our New Mexico-area facility. However, we manage the fabrication process, so we:

  • Identify the fabrication houses with the capabilities required to produce your PWBs and peripherals
  • Identify the fabrication houses that offer the best price for your production volume

As an ITAR-registered firm, all our fabrication partners are stateside, and we have done the work to vet them, ensuring their work meets rigorous IPC standards. As a result, you enjoy:

  • Quality assurance
    We demand that our fabrication partners meet the same standards we do, and we’ve inspected their facilities, staff qualifications and training requirements to ensure they do.
  • Cost-efficiency
    MPC will look for the best price for you without sacrificing quality. Plus, you are spared the time and expense of personally certifying the fabrication house.

Outsourcing fabrication may also allow you to avoid internal procedures that can hold up project progress.

Oversight for Fabrication of Any Volume

When you choose MPC Design Technologies, Inc., you are not held to production minimums or maximums. The number of PWBs you need is the number you get—even if that means a single prototype or full volume production of thousands of units.

Post-Fabrication Managed Services

You can continue to rely on MPC Design Technologies, Inc. once fabrication is complete. We offer partial or full-turnkey procurement to acquire all components required for complete circuit card assembly and top-quality assembly. Contact us to discuss your fabrication and post-fab needs.

Call MPC Design Technologies, Inc. for fabrication management in New Mexico.