Rapid Prototyping

Before you can move from PCB layout to full production, you need to make sure that your design works. MPC Design Technologies, Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the one resource you need to develop a prototype to prove your concept.

We Are Your Prototype Resource

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. provides the services you need to develop a prototype from your design, including:

    Fabrication management
    We partner with several reputable American-operated fabrication houses, many of them in the greater Albuquerque area, that have no minimum production requirements. We can oversee the fabrication of as few as one PWB to as many as you need for testing.

    Our experienced team of assemblers adheres to the IPC J-standard, even for prototypes. Our commitment to quality workmanship ensures that your test boards will meet the same quality standards as those applied to finished products.

MPC also offers supply chain management services, allowing you to complete design and prototyping with one purchase order.

How Rapid is Rapid Prototyping

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. offers rapid prototyping. On average, we can deliver your circuit card assembly prototype in 18 business days. However, timelines vary widely depending on the complexity of the design and the capabilities of the fabrication house. Still, nearly any prototype can be delivered within six weeks. We can provide a more accurate timeline after design approval.

To learn more about our rapid prototyping capabilities, please contact us.

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. is the one resource you need to put your circuit board design to the test. Call us at 505-227-8905 for rapid prototype service.

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